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" I would like to personally thank Gary and Nate of Black Ops Outdoors for the insight into hunting for mature bucks, and helping me locate the best places for placing Rack On.  The bucks showed up in just 2 days!".    -  Travis, Addison Michigan


“ Big thanks to the Black Ops boys for coming to my land and setting out their mineral Rack On.  The stuff really works.  Shot a nice buck in that spot last season"    -  Jerry, Jackson Michigan


“Bought some Rack On after being turned on to it from a friend.  In two weeks the deer dug a huge hole and still come back a year later"   -Mike, Hillsdale Michigan


“I put Rack On next to another mineral i had used for about 5 years.  after a week the deer hardly touched the other mineral"     - Dan,  Coldwater Michigan


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