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About Us

Tired of sub par results to promises made by other mineral supplements Black Ops Outdoors was born.  5 years of field testing Rack On Mineral has produced incredible results.  The photo above is a buck who frequently visited one of our test sites.  The sheds scored 160" with an 18" spread.  The rack was the rack he was harvested with the next season and aside of the rack scoring 187 3/8" he field dressed at almost 260lbs.  Proof that Rack On is a quality whitetail mineral

            Rack On Mineral


Rack On is a combination of natural minerals deer need, especially bucks growing antlers, and does replenishing calcium deficiencies.

           Land Management
           Custom Scouting


Our Land management / Custom Scouting consists of visiting you at your hunting land, completely scouting the property and utilizing arial imagery and GPS to note important features that can both positively and negatively impact your hunting experience.  We offer different levels of Scouting management depending on the needs of the individual.  We have packages as basic as scouting and setting mineral sites up to providing and setting hunting stands, clearing lanes, rerouting travel routes within distance of set stands and more.  Each individual's needs are different and we can help.  


We offer a Scouting discount for disabled Veterans.  

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